Villa Bosch is closed from 11.06.2024 up to and including 28.06.2024. You are welcome to come to the vernissage on Friday evening, 28.06.2024 at 7 pm.

Kommende Veranstaltungen

Villa Bosch: A highlight for art and culture lovers in Radolfzell

Bright, friendly rooms and the excellent location near the train station with a clear view of the lake as well as the beautiful garden make the villa a unique venue for art exhibitions and small concerts. Both the Kunstverein Radolfzell e.V. and the Kulturbüro alternately organize interesting exhibitions here. The focus of the up to six exhibitions per year is on the diversity of contemporary art.

Villa Bosch is also home to the Radolfzell Artothek, where a selection of artworks by regional artists can be borrowed.

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History of the Villa Bosch

Villa Bosch is the legacy of Marie Theresia Bosch, who left the neoclassical-style building to the town of Radolfzell in her will of 1881. At times, the property became the property of the Deutsche Reichsbahn. In 1987, the town of Radolfzell bought the house back. After extensive renovations, Villa Bosch has been used as a municipal gallery since December 19, 1988.